Digital products are all around us

There are well over 1.2 billion websites today, and more than 5 million mobile apps (just Android and iOS based). It’s only fitting to say that the importance of digital products has grown enormously and will continue to do so. Let’s make sure your brand is making the best out of these opportunities.

RoadTrip Now!

What is it?

An app that uses your location and lets you set a radius to how far you are willing to drive in one take, showing you all events within that radius for the specified date.

Who is it for?

Primarily aimed at a younger audience, adventurous at soul and eager to spend their free time traveling.

What were the challenges?

Ensuring that the app does the heavy lifting, while the user skips navigating through tons of filters, checklists and dropdown menus.

How were they solved?

The home screen offers easy communication between the user and the system through a conversational user interface. Users define their preferences through voice input forming a meaningful sentence, and the app generates results based on the keywords it captures.

Design tools used?

Pen, paper, Sketch, InVision, PS, AI.

Streamlined user experience is a priority

It’s no longer just about your product being relevant or new. It needs to make people feel good about it, by offering great usability, efficiency and aesthetics. From the big picture, down to the smallest details, everything needs to operate smoothly and in a way that delights your users. These are the foundations of great user experience.

Cleaning Supplies 4 U

Challenge & research

Filling out forms can be time consuming and often leads to high abandonment rates and loss of leads/conversions. Especially if it’s a one-page long form with multiple input fields, this can feel like a burden and up to 81% of users would drop off before completing the form.

Concept & UX solution

Splitting the CS4U registration process into multiple steps to avoid a long form, as well as grouping related fields so they’re perceived as meaningful sections. Saving space by not showing the “different shipping” section until requested, and making sure there is input automation through address auto-complete.

User interface design

A clear ‘Registration’ panel was differentiated from the left side section, which lists all the benefits of having a trade account. Fields are presented in a single column layout, with exceptions for short and related fields. Distinct headings to enable clear overview, with informative CTAs at the bottom.

Intuitive interfaces help your users

If you know your users, you’ll know how to design for them. UI design is of critical importance when it comes to how people interact with your product. The layout structure, the visual consistency, typography and all the interface elements; this will make or break a user’s ability to navigate and use your digital product.

What I do and how I do it

UX / UI design for digital products

Responsive web, native mobile applications and CRM platforms for organisations working in SaaS, FinTech, retail, marketing, eCommerce and other sectors.


Workflow and process

  1. Discover: Research, competitive analysis
  2. Define: Journey and empathy mapping, user flows, strategy
  3. Design: Wireframing, UI, visual design, prototyping
  4. Validate: User testing, iteration


  • I take an agile approach and work closely with your team to ensure the results meet the needs of the user, as well as business and brand objectives.
  • I use your preferred channel/tool to ensure streamlined communication and that we’re all in sync on ideas, actions and progress.
  • Based on the analysis and performance of the digital product(s), I implement solutions to fine-tune the user experience.

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